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2018 Application Guide Line (for International Students)
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Eligibility and Requirements

1) Citizenship/Academic Requirements

A non-Korean citizen applicant with non-Korean citizen parent(s), who has completed (or is expected to complete) proper education(elementary and middle school graduates/more-than-9 year-study-graduates) overseas.

A Korean citizen who holds dual citizenship cannot apply as an international student.

2) Language Proficiency Requirements

Applicants should equip appropriate language proficiency in Korean.


3) Visa Application (Only for admitted students)

Certificate of Admission (CoA) will be issued after the registration is completed.

ALL international students who need to apply for D-4 visa or change the status of D-4 visa MUST receive CoA issued by School of Performing Arts, Seoul.

Application Procedure(How to apply)

Online Application ( → click the POP-UP for admission

or go to the online application website through

School does NOT provide any further guidance of admission process through the phone call or e-mail.

※ Contact Information

• Address: 16-26 Oriro 22 Na-Gil Gurogu, Seoul, Zip Code: 08249, Republic of Korea

• Office hours: 08:30-16:30  Mon. - Fri.

• Phone: +82-2-3281-9760     • Fax: +82-2-3281-9768

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